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 Creating a Backstory to Your Character

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PostSubject: Creating a Backstory to Your Character   Mon Nov 22, 2010 3:28 pm

Okay, so, in an RP, we are using our own personality put into the character you made on Mabinogi. That's nice, however, doesn't it seem a bit boring that we all have the same origin? Or, for that matter, the only special thing we really did was the generation quests?
How lame. How about we create a backstory to us, or a story behind the habits we have on Mabi? Every action, possession, and scar we have has some story behind it, so why not explain it?

For example: You guys know me, I'm the happy, ever-optimistic, sarcastic, we-don't-know-if-she's-high-or-not musician/archer/family member of the guild. I tend to afk without notice. AFK is something unacceptable in an RP, so we try to substitute that with something of the equivalent.
I'm narcoleptic.
Okay, that works; but, why? How did I become narcoleptic?
A while after being introduced into the world of Erinn, I felt more powerful than I ever have. So, being the stupid optimist I am, I ran into Ciar dungeon alone. I managed to make it as far as the Golem. After making one bad mistake, I was hit by one of the golem's arms which caused me to fly into a wall.
The impact from hitting the wall damaged my brain, which both makes me sleep without notice, and erased any memory I had of the world I came from. I was later found by some travelers, knocked unconscious, and losing blood, and was taken to the Tir Chonaill healer.

That's my backstory, let me hear yours.
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Creating a Backstory to Your Character
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