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 Recap of Episodes 1-4

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PostSubject: Recap of Episodes 1-4   Sat Oct 16, 2010 10:11 am

Just a little recap of events that happened in episodes1-4 for anyone new who wants to join the roleplay and to make sure everyone knows whats going on before they post their rp. Feel free to correct me if my information isnt correct.

Episode !

An expeditionary team is sent in from Dragonfly to investigate strange events happening in Rabbie. The team composed of Rikaa Piko Klar Sokkun and Janos. Sokkun spotted a strange figure in a familiar robe and tailed it. Janos seeing Sokkun behave strangely and decided to follow Sokkun. Rikka Piko spotted a group of men in robes that marked them as Garden (Sokkun's former guild) performing a resurrection ceremony. Klar, oblivious of the situation they had encountered continued to bard. Unfortunately, the music score had magical enchantments that he hadn't realized and accidentally immobilized Rikka and Piko. A Pink haired monster was resurrected, but due to our intereference, the monster failed to fully ressurect and its powers are still minimal.

Episode 2

Preparations for the Dragonfly Anniversary are under way. To pass the time, Dragonfly members took up quests. Rikka received a summons to Filia, Janos was enjoying the pre-anniversary festivites. Klar went on a mission to Vales. Sokkun went to investigate Garden. Piko continued to compose her music for the anniversary. While the preparations were under way, The Pink haired monster known as Meeks is recovering its health with the assistance of its loyal servant Imtoast. Lovestoast, the Leader of Dragonfly is off on vacation. While investigating Garden, Sokkun found the Spell Book that contained the Resurrection Ritual that had revived Meeks, knowing it was a danger to Erinn, he risked his life to obtain the book. As he fled Garden, he encountered The Goddess of Destruction Morighan. Kitty, on a mission had been captured. On her mission Rikka found Janos in Filia.
After the prepartaions were ready for the anniversary, the members gathered back at the Guild Hall. it was at this time that Klarrann saw fit to reveal his plans. He laced the refeshments with Nimble Powder and imprisoned Dragonfly in Rabbie Dungeon.

Episode 3

Rikka and Janos had an ominous feeling about Filia and to decided to warp all the elves there to the Dragonfly Guild Hall. Castanea, hoping she'd be able to help Rikka and Janos stayed behind. Seeing Sokkuns good natured intents, Morighan bestowed him with more blessings. Piko, fearing for her life during the Assassin attack on Dragonfly, hid in her room until things quieted down. During this time, Klarrann formed an alliance with the 4 Great Dragons, Cromm, Leader of the Blue Dragons, Crumena, Leader of the Red Dragons. Adniel, Leader of the Gold Dragons and Legatus, a Blue Dragon. They granted him their blessings and he merged their powers with his and had a Spirit Awakening. This is where Soul made his first appearance, he was just born from the soulstream and knew of what was happening to Erinn and gathered warriors such as Rurari, Tarlach and Nao to create a guild that would protect Erinn. Horizon. Macha, in order to find the Heart of Courcle for Klarrann, destroyed Filia. Fortunately, Rikka had already teleported the elves to Dragonfly's Guild hall. Macha found the Heart of Courcle in the rubbles on Filia and gave it to Klarrann. Sokkun, knowing that the elves had been telported to Dragonfly's Guild Hall saw it as an opportunity to recruit them under his command. Rikka and Janos enraged at the destruction of Filia, begun to train their God Slayers Broniac in the Shadow Realm. Piko wandered aimlessly and ran into Sokkun, suspecting Sokkun of taking part in the capture of Dragonfly, attacked him. Sokkun convinced Piko he only captured them to protect them. Confused and conflicted, Piko became numb. Sokkun then handed her a pass that would lead her through Rabbie to Dragonfly. Kitty, after disappeaering after the attack on Dragonfly, was saved by Morighan. Cichol then appeared and lured Kitty into the darkside. Kitty felt she needed the Fomor God's powers to save her guild mates who was held captive in Rabbie.


Meeks: Pink Haired Monstered revived by Garden with the Resurrection Ritual

Imtoast: Loyal Servant of Meeks

Lovestoast: Leader of Dragonfly

Rikkaru: Elf member of Dragonfly with supernatural powers and wields a Broniac

Janos: member of Dragonfly whose powers rival those of Rikkaru's and also wields a Broniac

Pikochan: member of Dragonfly

Kitty: member of Dragonfly who was lured into the darkside by Cichol in order to save her guildmates

Soul: Militian born from the soulstream, have the same blood streaming through his veins as Sokkun and Klarrann. Due to some events his younger brother Ace died and became a Spirit who rests inside Soul's blade.

Gene: Dragonfly member with the abilities to create clones.

Sokkun: Former member of Garden, Elite Gaurd of Dragonfly, has a sense of justice and chivalry and is favored by Morighan.

Klarrann: Leader of Assassin with a twisted past.

For farther detail on the close relationships of each character, please refer back to the actual role play. <3

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Recap of Episodes 1-4
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